HVM Drop Deck Quad Axle Trailer ST4 Made 2004HVM Drop Deck Quad Axle Trailer ST4 Made 2004

AUD $104.500.00

HVM Drop Deck Quad Axle Trailer ST4 Made 8/2004 ATM: 50 Tonne Tare: 8460 kg

Tri-axle trailer Made 6/86Tri-axle trailer Made 6/86

AUD $48,750.00

Smith Bros Tri-axle trailer Made 6/86 ATM: 30,000 kg Tares: approx 8,000 kg

Tag Trailer Single Axle 90 Model   Tag Trailer Single Axle 90 Model

AUD $19,750.00

EX MRD Tag Trailer Single Axle ATM: 10 Ton, Mass: 6.5Ton, Tare 2.75 Ton

Rodgers tandem tilt side trailerRodgers tandem tilt side trailer

AUD $22,500.00

Rodgers tandem axle Plant tilt side trailer

Glendale Machinery TrailerGlendale Machinery Trailer

AUD $3,500.00

Glendale Machinery Trailer Deck 6500 long

Kruger 40 ft Tri-axleKruger 40 ft Tri-axle

AUD $16,750.00

Kruger 40 ft Tri-axle Trailer Container pins suit 40 ft & 20 ft

Maxi cube Pantec 86 ModelMaxi cube Pantec 86 Model

AUD $9,500.00

Maxi cube Tandem Axle Pantec body 33 ft Made 10/86

Plant Trailer Dual axle   Plant Trailer Dual axle

AUD $12,500.00

Plant Trailer Dual axle Suit bobcat or small excavator

Tandem Trailer Made 06   Tandem Trailer Made 06

AUD $11,500.00

Suncoast Tandem Trailer Made 06 ATM: 4,495 kg Tare: 1060 kg

Trailer TechTrailer Tech

AUD $8,750.00

Trailer Tech Custom Tandem Trailer Made 2006 ATM: 3,500 kg ATM Over 1.02 T

Shepard A3 Dog  Trailer   Shepard A3 Dog Trailer

AUD $48,750.00

Shepard A3 Dog 235T-3 Tri-axle Dog Trailer Made 2/98 ATM: 36,000 kg

Hercules HEDT-4 Dog Trailer  (DAMAGED)Hercules HEDT-4 Dog Trailer (DAMAGED)

AUD $35,500.00

Hercules HEDT-4 Dog Trailer Made 3/03 Roll over tarp ATM: 33.00 ton

PBL Tandem Plant Trailer   PBL Tandem Plant Trailer

AUD $8,950

Tandem Plant Trailer Made 2/97 Spring assisted Ramps ATM 3500 kg Tare 940 kg

Box Trailer SteelBox Trailer Steel

AUD $1,950.00

Box Trailer Steel Approx 6 x 4

Steel Box Trailer TiltSteel Box Trailer Tilt

AUD $2,950.00

Box Trailer Tilt Steel Hand Winch

Tandem Box TrailerTandem Box Trailer

AUD $4,500.00

Tandem Box Trailer Steel

Single axle box trailerSingle axle box trailer

AUD $1,475.00

Single axle box trailer Approx 8 x 6

Box Trailer ex BCCBox Trailer ex BCC

AUD $2,450.00

Box Trailer ex BCC (Made 6/94) Approx 7 x 4

Box trailerBox trailer

AUD $2,450.00

Box trailer Hydraulic lifting 600kg

Wilkinson Black Smiths Box TrailerWilkinson Black Smiths Box Trailer

AUD $2,150.00

Box Trailer Wilkinson Black Smiths Suit 4WD offroad ATM 2000 kg

Builders TrailerBuilders Trailer

AUD $1,500.00

Builders Trailer 3/2000 Tare 200 kg Agg Mass 750 Kg Builders Trailer 3/2000 plenty storage capacity Tare 200 kg Agg Mass 750 Kg

Rodgers 8 T Tandem TrailerRodgers 8 T Tandem Trailer

AUD $16,750.00

Rodgers 8 T Tandem Trailer Made 93

Bin Cleaning TrailerBin Cleaning Trailer

AUD $12,500.00

Bin Cleaning Trailer Made by WMF 8/2007

Kendy Portable ToiletKendy Portable Toilet

AUD $1,925.00

Kendy Portable Toilet ex Moreton Shire Council circa 9/1994

10 Ton Plant Trailer10 Ton Plant Trailer

AUD $15,750.00

Heavy Duty Tandem Plant Trailer Suit Bobcat or Excavator up to 8 Ton 10 Ton GVM

Freighter ST-3   Freighter ST-3

AUD $35,500.00

Freighter ST-3 Tri-axle Trailer 9/99 Model Road Train ATM: 35 Ton

Plant trailer  88Plant trailer 88

AUD $13,500.00

Single axle Plant trailer Beaver tail ATM: 5.4 Ton Tare: 1.88 Ton

Plant Trailer ATM 9,000 kgPlant Trailer ATM 9,000 kg

AUD $16,750.00

Plant Trailer Beaver tail Tandem Axles ATM 9,000 kg Tares: 2310 kg Carries 6690 kg

Plant Trailer ATM 8900 kgPlant Trailer ATM 8900 kg

AUD $16,750.00

Plant Trailer Made 10/2001 Single axle beavertail hydraulic ramps ATM 8900 kg Tare: 2890 kg Carries: 6010 kg

Plant trailer ATM: 5.4 TonPlant trailer ATM: 5.4 Ton

AUD $13,500.00

Single axle Plant trailer Beaver tail ATM: 5.4 Ton Tare: 1.88 Ton carries 3.12 Ton

Rah  Tilt Trailer   Rah Tilt Trailer

AUD $8,750.00

Rah Dual Axle Tilt Trailer Made 10/2006 ATM: 4,000 kg Tare: 640 kg

Plant Trailer 9,999 kgPlant Trailer 9,999 kg

AUD $16,750.00

Tandem Axle Plant Trailer made 11/89 ATM: 9,999 kg

Plant Trailer  5,000 kgPlant Trailer 5,000 kg

AUD $12,750.00

Ex BCC Tandem Axle Plant Trailer Made 5/1992 ATM: 5,000 kg Tare: 1,390 kg Carries 3,610 kg

Plant Trailer 93 ModelPlant Trailer 93 Model

AUD $14,750.00

City Fleet Trailer 1/1993 Model ATM: 6,500 kg Tare: 1,800 kg Carries: 4,700 kg

Plant Trailer 92 ModelPlant Trailer 92 Model

AUD $12,750.00

City Fleet Trailer 9/1992 Model ATM: 5,000 kg Tare: 1,370 kg Carries: 3,360 kg

Plant Trailer ex BCC suit Small RollerPlant Trailer ex BCC suit Small Roller

AUD $2,150.00

Plant Trailer ex BCC

Black Custom Tandem TrailerBlack Custom Tandem Trailer

AUD $8,950.00

Custom Tandem Axle Plant Trailer 3250 lo Carries 3450kg

Bitumen Spray Unit   Bitumen Spray Unit

AUD $6,550.00

Bitumen Spray Unit 2/99 ex City Fleet Forbes Pressure Equipment

Hamelex Dog Trailer   Hamelex Dog Trailer

AUD $15,500.00

Hamelex HXDT3 Tipping Trailer

2 Car Carrier2 Car Carrier

AUD $17,750.00

Custom built tandem 2 Car Carrier fully refurbished in 2004

Gal Tandem Axle ATM: 9,TGal Tandem Axle ATM: 9,T

AUD $23,500.00

Rodgers & Sons Galvanized Tandem Axle ATM: 9,000 kg

Strasburg Tri-axle  Cattle TrailerStrasburg Tri-axle Cattle Trailer

AUD $95,500.00

Strasburg Tri-axle Double decker cattle B/trailer made 3/2008 12.2 mts long

Sewer Flushing Unit   Sewer Flushing Unit

AUD $26,750.00

Rebel Tandem Trailer Mounted Sewer Flushing Unit 6/1992 Model

Plant Trailer 4 T 88 ModelPlant Trailer 4 T 88 Model

AUD $8,500.00

Plant Trailer Tandem ex council made 1988 ATM: over 4 T

Tandem ex MRD 02Tandem ex MRD 02

AUD $10,750.00

Plant Trailer Tandem ex MRD made 3/2002 ATM: over 4.5 T

Hydraulic Tilt TrailerHydraulic Tilt Trailer

AUD $12,750.00

Trailerworld Hydraulic Tilt Trailer built 6/1993

WPS Trailer 1995WPS Trailer 1995

AUD $9,500.00

WPS Racing Tandem axle Display Trailer Made 5/1995 Fully enclosed trailer

Custom Car Trailer TandemCustom Car Trailer Tandem


Custom Car Trailer Tandem ATM: 2,000 kg

Plant Trailer 94 ModelPlant Trailer 94 Model

AUD $16,750.00

Plant Trailer dual axle Carrying capacity 4640 kg

Custom Plant TrailerCustom Plant Trailer

AUD $1,550.00

Custom Plant Trailer with rear ramp ATM: 2 T

Custom Plant Trailer made 1990Custom Plant Trailer made 1990

AUD $950.00

Custom Plant Trailer made 1990 ATM: 749 kg

New Custom Galvanised Plant TrailerNew Custom Galvanised Plant Trailer

AUD $9,750.00

New Custom Galvanised Plant Trailer made 2009 ATM: 4,500 kg

Rodgers Galvanised Tandem Plant TrailerRodgers Galvanised Tandem Plant Trailer

AUD $16,750.00

Rodgers Galvanised Tandem Plant Trailer beavertail ATM 6,600 kg Tare: 1,600 kg Carries: 5,000 kg

Aussie A1 Trailer HD 4500 Model Made 10/2009Aussie A1 Trailer HD 4500 Model Made 10/2009

AUD $9,750.00

Aussie A1 Trailer HD 4500 Model Made 10/2009 Carries 3,500 kg

Storage /toilet TrailerStorage /toilet Trailer

AUD $7,500.00

EX BCC Combination Storage & Toilet Tandem Trailer 2005 Model



Gas Detection and Safety Equipment