A11 Supply is an authorised distributor of Tridon automotive hardware, including hose clamps, wiper blades, thermostats, radiator caps battery terminals, cables, flashers, relays, ignitian modules and coils, switches and cales and will guarantee all freight delivery to your door to any location within PNG and Australia...


For details of our extensive range click here: Automotive Hardware.

Automotive Caps
Radiator Caps Oil Caps Fuel Caps - Locking Fuel Caps - Non Locking Emergency Caps Merchandisers

Cable Ties
Natural Black (UV Stabilised) Assorted Packs Stainless Steel Merchandisers

Flashers & Relays
Flasher Relays - Electro Mechanical Flasher Relays - Electronic Flasher Relays - Thermal Flasher Relays - LED Flasher Relays - Alternating General Relays Merchandisers

Hose Clamps
MH/HS - Perforated, Part Stainless MAH/HAS - Perforated, All Stainless 316 Series - All 316 Stainless Steel SMH/SHS Series - Solid, Part Stainless EFI Series - Extended Tang Micro MP Series - Multipurpose, Part Stainless SMP Series - Multipurpose, All Stainless TTBY Series - T-Bolt, Part Stainless TTBS Series - T-Bolt, All Stainless TTBU Series - T-Bolt Ultimate TS Series - Tri-Strength QR Series - Quick Release CV Series - CV Boot UB Series - Uniband, All Stainless NA Series - Nut & Bolt TEC Series - Double Ear CAI Series - Vinyl Coated TRLC Series - Rubber Lined Clamp Packs Tools and Accessories Merchandisers

Ignition Coils Ignition Modules Crank & Cam Angle Sensors Pick Up Coils

Switches & Sensors
Oil Pressure Senders & Sensors Water Temperature Senders Coolant Temperature Sensors Thermo Fan Switches Stop Light Switches Reverse Light Switches Oxygen Sensors Merchandisers

Thermostats & Gaskets
Thermostat Thermostat (High Flow) Thermostat Gaskets Merchandisers EKKO Thermostat

Plastic Back Wiper Refills Metal Rail Wiper Refills Wiper Rubber Refills Complete Wiper Blades Tridon Flexblade™ Plastic Back Truck & Bus Wiper Refills Merchandisers EKKO Wiper Refills



Gas Detection and Safety Equipment